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National Exam Q & A


PSI Registration Instructions for Entry Level Certification Exams

  • Log on to
  • Create an Account (located on the right hand side of the web page)
  • Follow the directions carefully
  • Exam Fee is $140.00 for any exam each time you take it

Definitions you need to know:

  • Organization = Certification/Professional Associations
  • Sponsor = National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP)
  • License Name = Name of the Exam you are registering to take. For example:
    • Residential Radon Measurement Provider Examination
    • Residential Radon Mitigation Provider Examination
  • NRPP Entry Level Course ID # = ID will be on your Course Completion Certificate from the training provider who administered your coursework. If you do not see a NRPP Course ID# on your certificate, contact your training provider and ask for this number.

Once you have registered for your exam, you will receive a confirmation email from PSI letting you know that your registration for the date, time and exam location is complete.

If you have any problems or issues with your registration, you will need to call PSI directly at 1-800-211-2754. Be advised that you may experience long hold times or you will have to leave a message for the customer service agents to call you back. Once you start the registration process, the NRPP Administrative Office will not be able to assist you as the office does not have access to your registration process with PSI.


Order Exams
All exam booklets shall be identified with serial numbers. Exam materials, including computer disks, will be stored in a secure location in the office of the exam administrator (administrative service provider).

Exams will be shipped by Fed Ex to the approved exam proctor. The proctor will be required to check all materials against the inventory control sheet and initial the inventory control sheet. The Proctor is the individual who oversees the administration of the exam, ensures the security of the exams, and supervises the behavior of candidates during the examination. The Proctor is responsible for the administration of the examination, and that it is conducted in strict compliance with the regulations outlined in these instructions.

Who May Proctor the Exam

A member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator of any accredited University. The student must submit a page from the institution’s directory or catalog that lists not only the proctor’s name and title, but also the institution’s name. Photocopies are acceptable. A high school superintendent; supervising principal; principal; guidance counselor or an Intermediate Unit administrator; An elementary or high school teacher provided you submit a letter on official letterhead from the teacher’s principal or superintendent verifying the teacher’s position. A photocopy of the teacher’s certification is not sufficient.