Optimal Mitigation and Advanced Diagnostics Course Details - NRPP KSU-228

Even The Most Experienced Mitigators Are Set in Their Ways.  

Many only carry a handful of fans and supplies on their truck and that serves them fine, for the most part.  You can do better and the industry needs to be better.  Everybody is welcome to this course, join us and approach with an open mind. Enroll early

We have ideas and concepts that will challenge your status quo. If you are willing to learn from your mistakes, you will finish the course a much better mitigator.  We owe it to the general public to not only lower the lung cancer risk burden with, but also the energy burden of their radon systems.  We guarantee you will learn something far more valuable than the cost of registration.  Please join us and be a better mitigator, for you, your clients, and future generations.  

This is NOT Your Run-of-the-mill Classroom-type CE Class.

The course instructors have decades of experience in radon and in the field mitigation experience.  They are not lecturers; they are knowledgeable in-the-trenches doers, passionate knuckle-scraping-dirt-suckers, and applied researchers. This is hands-on understanding with tons of fun one-on-one learning.  If you are not ready to share your experiences (or lack thereof) and open your mind to new experiences and applications, then look elsewhere. If you do not learn anything, Bruce will give you your money back, but only after you ace his verbal exam. 

Do You Want to Be a Better Radon Mitigator?

Being a better mitigator doesn’t mean what you are doing is wrong.  It means you are interested in doing better.  This course will introduce and discuss in detail approaches you can incorporate into your daily routine to make you and your company better and more profitable.  These approaches will also lead to cost savings for both you and your clients and will give you tools to increase profits.

Do You Have the Knowledge to Fix the Most Difficult Buildings?

Who do you call when you are up against a beast of a house to fix?  Do you have all the tools and resources at your disposal to help guide you on what the next steps might be?  Don’t walk away from another difficult to fix house.  Welcome them as your competition runs scared.  Every house can be fixed.  It’s a matter of identifying what to do and how to apply what you know.  

Are You Confused by the Different Types of Fans and Materials on the Market?

It can get confusing for even the most experienced mitigation professional.  We are fan and product neutral while covering how each type of fan and product can help your company lower radon risks.  We will explain what each fan category can produce and which fan category is most appropriate in each situation.  We will also share tips from the field with examples of both tools and applications. 

Want to Limit or Eliminate Call Backs?

Calls backs cost your company time and money. Learning how to apply advanced diagnostic techniques to each job, or at least your more difficult jobs, will save you time and money in the long run.  How many jobs have you returned to more than three, four or five times? This course will arm you with better techniques to avoid problems and better optimize your mitigation solutions solving even the most difficult projects. 

Save Your Clients Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars.

Have you ever considered the amount of energy your installed radon fan system will cost your clients to run for a year, much less ten years or more?  It is required by the standards to disclose the amount of energy the system will cost but few mitigators know how to calculate it.  Energy consumption is not just the amount of energy required to run the fan for ten years, it is also the amount of conditioned air drawn from the house.  We will show you how to design your systems with better energy consumption in mind to save energy and client’s money while optimizing your radon systems.

Ready to Optimize Your Radon Mitigation Systems?

Set yourself apart from your competition.  With this improved knowledge, not only can you better design radon systems, but you can save your clients hundreds or thousands of dollars in the lifetime of your systems.  Every dollar counts so why not install a system that costs $20 a year vs. your competitor’s $120/year?  If you want to learn more, enroll early.